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Story 1

Can I Get That in Writing?

       Russ was standing by the Family Room bookshelf when two things happened precisely at the same instant: the doorbell and the house phone spoke up.  Indecision gripped the 40-something man in the causal khakis, grey bowling shirt, and loafers; and he hesitated.


Story 2

Blind Trust

       “You’re not very aggressive today, Isaac,” Russ stated the opposite of the obvious, but the trick failed. He glared at his brother; sitting in the bright shade across from him under sunny, hot skies at the community park, playing chess on one of those heavily-scarred picnic benches.


Story 3

Everything’s Relative

       The sales graph blazed forth onto the 16×9 fifty-two-inch wall-mounted Samsung and replaced the ‘computer blue’ desktop screen that had been staring at them since the meeting started. The colorful image of the company’s fiscal health held for just a heartbeat; and then, in a blink, collapsed back down into the taskbar. Groans. A cleared throat.


Story 4

Go For Broker

            “I’d be having a cigarette right about now,” Marvin mused as he reached into his back pocket.  “If I still smoked.”
            “Instead, you’re having those,” Luis already had his money in his hand. “Two, please.” 
            Marvin Thomas, Russ’s father and a home improvement connoisseur, just laughed and fished a Hamilton from his monogrammed leather Nautica wallet; a gift from his grandkids.


Story 5

The Stage Coach

         “That doesn’t sound right,” Russ Thomas; skeptical, but interested. He took a quick peek at his coffee cup, then set it on the counter-top. The barista noticed and nodded.
            “No; it’s true. Fully sixty percent of homes are underinsured according to Marshall & Swift.” Brent Tarleton, ace stockbroker and Russ’s financial advisor, knew his facts and his sources. “They’re the experts in the building-costs analysis.”


Story 6

Moving Expenses

          Suddenly injected into the quiet murmurs of the gathered neighbors, crashing glass; flying prisms of splinters embedded into Phil’s leg, Gerri’s screechy scream, Theresa sucking air in, Russ gasping out.


Story 7

A Surprise in Store

“Good morning, sir. Folks here for the DIY class?”  David Ashton; full-time security guard, part-time handyman. Late-thirties and athletic, he was no stranger to a hammer…or a sidearm. His easy smile and confident demeanor had a welcoming effect that this home improvement store management loved. 


Story 8

Hearing Is Seeing

The voice booth intercom clicked open with a brief gush of static; Isaac heard the voice of his engineer in his ears from the Control Room, tinny and thin in the slating channel.
“We’re set, Ike.” Audio recording engineer ‘One -Take’ Jake Sokolov.


Story 11

North of the Border

“You guys picked a great time to visit Vancouver, Uncle…Russ.” The black 2014 Audi A6 bumped across a set of temporary steel plates as McConachie Way – escaping the Sea Island confines of the VIA – met the Arthur Laing Bridge that spanned this Arm of the Frasier. “Lots of things to see and do now.”


Story 12

Canadian Bakin’

 “Alright; I’m not losin’ this time. Five-ball, corner pocket.” Russell Thomas leaned into the shot, adjusted his stance and formed the classic index-to-thumb circular finger-bridge with his left hand; his right piloting a McDermott Model G324; the cue, balanced and crafted by a master. The full length of the table-bed lay before him; it was a corner-to-corner cross-table shot.

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